KRAWL AMERICA is a destination event held each year that brings 30 driver participants, their Jeeps, their passengers, and event sponsors, all together for five unforgettable days of wheeling the most challenging trails in the United States. 2015 was held in Colorado, 2016 in Pennsylvania, 2017 in South Dakota, 2018 in Tennessee, 2019 in Utah and 2020 in Missouri with 2021 being held in St. George, Utah.

But, the destination is only the beginning! Each year’s group of participants, passengers and sponsors help us raise funds to support Hero Offroad is a registered 501c3 nationwide community-based voluntary nonprofit organization dedicated to Honoring our Nation’s War Veterans, Wounded Warriors and their Families.

KRAWL AMERICA strives to bring back the smaller “club” atmosphere but with the added challenge of bringing a group of people together that are complete strangers, establishing friendships that last a lifetime. Our military themed “Leave no Jeep behind” motto means that no matter what happens we remain a group. Working together through obstacles, repairs and/or recoveries. We also have a support shop ready to lend a hand with parts, tools and/or repairs ensuring that every driver participant is able to experience as much of the event as possible.

From an early age Darb developed a love for the Jeep brand thanks to the CJ7 his father owned. He has personally owned one CJ, two YJ’s, two TJ’s, two JK’s, two JKU’s and ten other Jeep brand vehicles. As the Owner and President of TREKWERX and KRAWL AMERICA, Darb continues to work on building a company and event with the help of Drew that they can both be proud of. Supporting Hero Offroad is an important part of that. Another important part is the family friendly aspect of the event and the fact that it has opened the door to some amazing friendships. Darb has hand picked all of the sponsors who support KRAWL AMERICA and states that it’s important to him to not just accept any sponsor who wants to get involved.

First Jeep: 1994 YJ       Current Jeep: 2007 JKU

Military: Father – Army       Uncle – Navy

Drew first attended the event as a participant in 2016 and fell in love with the entire experience. Selected again in 2017 as a returning participant he knew this was something he wanted to support even more. Drew became the Vice President of TREKWERX and KRAWL AMERICA and has helped solidify the future of both. He had a huge part in the rebranding of the event and worked alongside Darb to make changes where needed including future sponsorships and team decisions. Drew has owned his own business, Love’s Tree Service, since 2004 and has been around the Jeep community almost as long. His business acumen is why TREKWERX and KRAWL AMERICA will be around for many years to come.

First Jeep: 1998 TJ       Current Jeep: 1999 TJ

Military: Father: Air Force       Uncle: Army

Scott is probably a familiar face for most of you. If you have attended any Jeep shows up and down the East Coast in the past several years then you were likely to have seen him and/or his Jeep in one of our sponsors booths. A true volunteer, Scott has done any and everything he could to help grow KRAWL AMERICA to what it is today. Scott helps run our social media pages and helps with just about anything else he can.

First Jeep: 1980 CJ7       Current Jeep: 1988 YJ

Military: Uncle – Army

Chris is the only Military Veteran currently on the team and his leadership and problem solving qualities have been invaluable to the event. He leads Team: Marines since he served for 5 years in the USMC. Chris handles all of the safety waivers for our event and is the first one to see each rig when it arrives.

First Jeep: 2006 LJ (Stock)       Current Jeep: 2006 LJ (Not so stock)

Military: USMC – 5yrs