Shipping Policy

Order Policy
It is the sole responsibility of the wholesaler, dealer, sales associate, or person(s) placing his or her order to provide accurate information and an accurate order. Orders being needing corrections due to inaccurate order information will be charged to the person(s) placing the order.
Return Policy
Orders returned to TREKWERX, LLC by dealers, wholesalers, or end users must first contact TREKWERX, LLC for a return goods authorization number (RGA). Any order returned by any person(s) or company for any reason other than the responsibility of TREKWERX, LLC is subject to a 20% restocking fee and possible re-powder coat fee pending the inspection of the product upon its return. KRAWL AMERICA Events event registration (if cancelled) will be returned at 50% of purchase amount. KRAWL AMERICA Events apparel purchases and all other items in the KRAWL AMERICA Events store that are NOT registration fees are non-refundable and non-reternable due to the nature of the pre-order process. If a participant and/or passengers cannot attend a KRAWL AMERICA event that they have paid for, TREKWERX, LLC will issue a refund for 50% of purchase amount and will ship any apparel or additional items to any address provided to us by the customer.
Refund Policy
For any order cancellation or return, TREKWERX, LLC has up to 30 days to process the refund or return. This term is non negotiable! This also goes for orders being cancelled while in order process. Dealer’s Listed on our Website
Dealers will be listed and referred business through our dealer network as long as they are in good standing with TREKWERX, LLC Dealers or Wholesalers wishing to have their website linked to ours must have our TREKWERX, LLC properly represented on their website. Should the website not properly represent TREKWERX, LLC the link will be not listed or broken (if already listed) from our site to the dealer’s or wholesaler’s website. These terms are non negotiable and are subject to TREKWERX, LLC approval.Disclaimer
TREKWERX, LLC has made every effort to provide correct information on this website. Each item has been fit checked for accuracy. TREKWERX, LLC reserves the right to alter, make changes or replace part numbers and descriptions without notice. TREKWERX, LLC will not be held responsible for changes or misprints or manufacturing changes made by the vehicle manufacturer. Warranty is valid for original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required. For questions regarding any information not found above please contact us at 1-877-550-1941.